Super Hexagon: I love/hate you

Playing Super Hexagon is like having an “It’s Complicated” relationship on Facebook.  Imagine this: Your partner is irritating, has bad manners and is constantly critical, but boy does he/she make amazing pancakes.  You would like to break up with them but that would mean giving up those pancakes and no one can make pancakes quite like they can.

The first hundred times or so you play you will live for about two seconds before you hear the soothing “Game Over” audio.  The first time you get to ten seconds, you will feel as if you have learned a foreign language.  When you get to twenty seconds you will temporarily feel like you are invincible.  In between those times you will be sorely tempted to take your computer or smartphone and throw it through the nearest window. You will then come back for more pancakes.

Super Hexagon is a very simple game.  You are a little triangle and it is your job to make sure you don’t hit any of the rapidly approaching walls.  That’s it. No fancy graphics or million polygon models, just a brutally difficult and addicting game.

Super Hexagon Trailer

Listen to the Super Hexagon Chiptune Soundtrack by Chipzel for free on Spotify

Super Hexagon Website

Super Hexagon is available for a pittance on:
PC & Macintosh


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