A chat with WoW guildleader Nitroboost

Guest writer and World of Warcraft player Paul Kozlowski (Cosmic) interviewed Nitroboost, leader of the guild Fuel, inside the game. Editor’s notes for specific jargon are in brackets.

Cosmic: So tell me a little about yourself

Nitroboost: Well my name is Adam. I’m currently 24 and in the air force. I’m playing some black ops 2 and of course WoW. I’m a level 90 human pally tank spec [human (race) pally (paladin) tank (role. roles are either tank, healer, or damager), and spec is the specialization].

Cosmic: Are you horde or ally?

Nitroboost: I used to be horde but I faction changed to alliance.

Cosmic: Sweet. Have you played any MMOs before or is wow your first one?

Nitroboost:  I started play wow back in wrath and played a little bit of tera but not much. I don’t usually play console games except some fps [first person shooter] like the cod [Call of Duty] series.

Cosmic: How much time do you play games per week?

Nitroboost: Uhh maybe about 12 to 16 hours a week.

Cosmic: Are you in a guild?

Nitroboost: Yeah I’m the gm of the raiding guild Fuel

Cosmic: How long have you been a member?

Nitroboost: I’m actually the guild leader. The guild has been around for a few years but hasn’t been active. I started it up again when mop [Mist of Pandaria, the most current WoW expansion] launched.

Cosmic:  How long have you been a gm [guildmaster]?

Nitroboost: Two years on and off. I took a little break during cata [Cataclsym. the expansion before Mists of Pandaria] because it wasn’t very interesting  but then my friends and I all came back when mop released.

Cosmic: What makes a good guild leader?

Nitroboost: Definitely someone who knows their shit and can take command of situations. Always a lot of fighting and stuff going on for loot.

Cosmic: What’s the difference between normal members and you?

Nitroboost: Normal members have less responsibility and some are just social members.

Cosmic: What kind of responsibilities?

Nitroboost: They don’t have to raid lead or help out with enchants and gold and stuff

Cosmic: Do you have any officers or co-guild leaders?

Nitroboost: Yeah a few of my buddies from the airforce help with the guild it helps out a lot because I can’t always be on.

Cosmic:  Is this your first guild or have you been in previous guilds?

Nitroboost: This is my first time leading a guild. I’ve joined other ones before but usually just to be social or help out with questing.

Cosmic: Did you have any important roles in the guild?

Nitroboost: Not really I was just a casual. I would help out sometimes but not tons.

Cosmic: Would you say being a guild leader is a lot harder than it looks?

Nitroboost: Well definitely. A lot more work goes into it than what people see. Sometimes you just get the shitty end of the stick in situations.

Cosmic: Have you ever had a member defy the rules of your guild or is there some type of punishment for players who don’t behave properly?

Nitroboost: They usually get a warning but if it’s severe enough I kick them.


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