Stop Zombie Mouth!

PopCap has an interesting campaign this Halloween- they’ve joined hands with the American Dental Association to promote giving the gift of a game rather than candy. And what better game to use than one that involves creatures with foul-smelling breath? That’s right- the famed Plants vs. Zombies will be FREE for download to PC or Mac between Oct. 30 and Nov.10. (Coupon link here).

Even better than the free game (especially for those of us who have already bought it) is the chance to get a limited-edition collectible PvZ trading card- but you have to go to a local dentist to get that. The site says, “Visit your dentist regularly. Dentists get lonely!” (Hmm… as a teenager I hated my dentist because he had extremely bad breath. Preach what you teach!)

Compared to the whimsical music that Laura Shigihara composed for the PvZ game promo video, the 80s tune for the video of this dental promo wasn’t very catchy. The information posters were quite interesting, though I don’t know if little kids would be as excited about stats as me.

Some shameless self-promotion:


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