Dunkin’ Donuts product placement in Sims Social

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to be doing a lot of product placement these days in different types of media. The movie Jack and Jill, featuring Adam Sandler, was basically a huge advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts; the pastry company has also been doing a lot of work with EA to feature virtual items with the DD logo in The Sims Social, a simulation game you can play on Facebook. The really clever thing that the company did with the product placements in Sims Social is that some of the items were consumable items (such as a cup of coffee that would boost your energy) and items that were closely tied to the Dunkin Donut brand, such as the DD coffee pot. Other items, however, were less desirable (like DD-branded furniture- who would want that?).

Great product placement that reflects the company's actual (offline) products

Furniture idea was lame, but redirects users to the DD Fanpage, which is good for consumer engagement.

Why would anyone want a lawn chair with the Dunkin logo? Ew

Consumable items can be used to boost energy.

Send a free coffee to your friend!!!

If you’re interested in reading more about Dunkin Donuts’ in Sim Social, check out:

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2 Posts on the Games blog: here and here

Dunkin Donuts press release


3 responses to “Dunkin’ Donuts product placement in Sims Social

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  2. Ugly DD lawn chairs are for people who can’t afford a nice looking lawn chair, but wants to lay in the sun. 😛

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