StarCraft 2: Reunion with an old flame


Starcraft (SC) and I have a history. We go back more than ten years. I first met him in college, in a dark, smoke-filled room. It seemed like everyone was smoking and drinking except for me. But SC didn’t care. He appreciated sharpness, precision, timing… We became extremely intimate, spending long hours together long into the night. Sometimes, I stayed with him until I realized that the daylight started seeping into the window.

My guy friends thought he was great, but my girl friends– well most of them– couldn’t understand why I loved SC so much. They pointed out that our relationship was not healthy and that I should spend more time outdoors. But they didn’t know what they were talking about. Being with SC was such a rush of adrenaline; he would bring me to a high every single time without fail. Sometimes our sessions would last 20 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, but every experience was fresh and exciting. Sometimes we would seek out new locations, but mostly I was fine with Hunter. Hunter was the best map in my opinion.

When I graduated and got a job, our relationship became more casual. We still met up occasionally and those meetings were steamy, but we were no longer steady. After I moved 3 years ago, I lost contact with him permanently. I still yearned for him, especially the background music, but I felt I had to put him behind and move on with my life. After SC, however, I never became involved in a committed relationship, my relationships were extremely casual, mostly one-time flings. Some relationships lasted a couple days, but never quite more than that.

When I met SC2 a few days ago, it was like old times. I thought it would be the same thing all over again, an old flame rekindled. But this time, it felt different. SC2 looked the same as SC but my fingers were unfamiliar, the sounds were unfamiliar. And the action was so much slower; I know most of that is my fault, but the tempo kind of ruined the experience. There was no adrenaline.

Maybe I need to get to know SC2 more, but maybe I should have just left SC as a good memory. After all, both of us have changed and our relationship can never be the same. It was nice meeting SC2, but the heartthrob was gone. Ah, growing pains.


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