Wii would like to play

“Wii would like to play”  c. Kealoha Villa

After the day we had yesterday, Sheri and I needed to rest and relax. We decided to go out into the world and get all of our weekly chores completed early. First we did laundry, then went to Target for household goods and then to Trader Joe’s for the grocery shopping. It was a nice time away from home. Trader Joe’s even had their chicken gyoza which have been absent for a good 6-7 months. We’re very happy to have those in our house again. They are probably our most favorite item in the whole store.

After putting everything away, Sheri decided to play a little Wii. We just got Mario Party 8 on Thursday and had not put much time into it. I noticed the lid to the Gummy Bear jar was open when I went to grab a Wii remote. Sure enough I look on the floor next to the bookshelf and I see a couple of Gummy Bear’s waddling underneath the TV stand.

I did not bother, just let them go about their business like I do for the most part. Sat at the computer and started doing stuff online. A few minutes later I heard some noise near the coffee table. The little guys were climbing up one of the legs and onto the table. They kept looking at the TV and then at Sheri, giggling to themselves, jumping up and down. Very excited were they. I could tell they wanted to play. I figured, why not. I mean it is a party game after all. I walked over and grabbed another a Wii remote and set it down on the table and you know what? They actually were able to get it up, problem is, they couldn’t move or they would all topple over. They gave it their all though. You have to give them some credit for trying 😀

Essay written by guest writer Kealoha Villa from Long Beach, CA.
Join Kealoha and Sheri on the Wii:
0934 5090 9775 8433


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