What Asian Men Want: Female Images in Games

Asian men have fantasies about women that tend to fall into two drastic stereotypes: the innocent, naive virgin and the mean femme fatale. Healthy, funny, sound-of-mind types (think of what makes the “All American girl”) don’t really get much credit in Asia. Men lust after the big-boobed, scantily-clad sadistic sexy girl, but want to have the timid skinny girl in real life.

A lot of this is reflected in games: especially those made in Korea and Japan. You normally come across the doe-eyed princess who needs to be saved or the seductive model with great martial arts skills (the alternative is the “cute” girl that has big breasts, wears no underwear, has pigtails, and stars in her eyes but that is more prominent in anime than in games). The women in games designed by Asians are definitely very different from those designed by Americans or Europeans.

One of the typical gestures that a submissive fragile girl will do is to clasp her hands on her chest.

Clasping hands is a typical gesture for the meek, desirable girl

Clasping hands is a typical gesture for the shy yet desirable girl. Top: Kyrie from Devil May Cry 4. Bottom: MV of Girl Generation

Unlike the powerless girls, the sexy women portrayed in games are tall, sexy, and controlling. They also have bigger breasts than the meeker girls, voice their own opinion, and sometimes even boss the men around. Strangely, however, the male protagonists don’t see these women as objects of desire; they are more like partners.

Exposed breasts, thighs, even crotches are commonly seen, especially in Japanese video games.

Exposed breasts, thighs, and close-ups on crotches are commonly seen. Many times, the woman will not be wearing underwear.


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